If you are one of those who have been assigned to Seoul Korea for work, your company may have arranged a place for you to stay already. If you are within the city limits, you can easily get quality services just around the block. You may not need a carpet cleaning service during your stay but you may need to get your clothes cleaning service which you can easily access in many laundry shops within the city. Getting around the city could be very easy with the use of Subway maps. You can get around Seoul by car rental or by commuting. Seoul’s public transportation is very much accessible. This includes the subway and taxis which are the most popular way to get around the city.

Seoul’s Public transportation Information


Seoul Metro has been consistently selected as one of the best subways in the world due to its ease of use, cleanliness, and short intervals, making it the most efficient way to tour Seoul. The train operates from around 5:30 in the morning till midnight. All of the subway lines are represented by line, and all station signs are written in Korean,Chinese, and English.

You will need to use a one-time transportation card or a transportation card when riding the subway. A one-time transportation card can be purchased at the subway station, and the refundable deposit of 500 won is added to the exact fare to the destination. Most transportation cards (Tmoney), can be bought at 24-hour convenience outlets.

Tmoney holders are privileged to enjoy transfers between buses and subways. Smartphones and tablet users can download a variety of apps that provide routes, times, and transfer information in English, including Seoul Subway, Metroid National Subway Information, and Kakao Subway Navigation.


In Seoul, taxis are cheap and useful transportation. Due to the abundance and low cost, it is not difficult to take a taxi on the street or find a taxi stand near the main tourist attractions. All taxis use meters, and the basic fare is slightly different depending on general, international, exemplary and large. Most taxis accept fares in cash, credit card and T-money. Fares vary by taxi type, distance traveled and boarding time.

General Taxi

General (Regular) taxis are the most affordable and most known taxis within Seoul and can be easily picked up anywhere. Regular taxis are usually orange, but there are many white, gray and other colors.

Model Taxi

Premium taxis are more expensive than regular taxis in terms of base, distance and hourly rates, but there are no late night fees and vehicles are usually larger, more luxurious and very safe. Luxury taxis have a black stripe with gold stripes and are usually found in major hotels and tourist destinations.

Large taxi

Larger taxis can carry up to eight passengers and the fare is the same as a luxury taxi. Be aware of the differences between large taxis, which are legitimate passenger vehicles, and call vans, which receive far more expensive fares for the carriage of passengers with cargo. On the surface, the two taxis are similar, but the call vans have the words “van” or “colvan” on the body and do not use a meter. All large taxis have the words “Large” on their bodies.

International Taxi

International taxis, created for foreign tourists, are fluent in foreign languages, such as English, Chinese and Japanese, displayed on the side of the vehicle. International taxis can be booked in advance and can be picked up on the road. The car door says “International” and the body is black and orange. Fares are a little more expensive than regular taxis, and can be arranged for up to 3 hours with time savings, airport pick-up service, and flat fee tours.