Transportation has for years, been drawing attention as the largest contributor of CO2 and other greem house gas emissions that’s been causing global warming. The adoption of sustainable transportation therefore can make a huge impact in preventing the planet’s temperature to rise at dangerous levels.

Climate scientists predict and warn that if the rise in temperature will not ease, the planet would reach its warming threshold in year 2036. An overly warm climate condition will bring greater harm than what human populations are experiencing now in terms of heat waves, drought, wildfires, extreme weather disturbances, ice melts resulting to rising sea water level and flooding.

Now more than ever, there is a need to adopt sustainable transportation. Studies have shown that for every 2,000 litres of gasoline burned by an average car, 4,720 kg of carbon dioxide, 28 kg of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ), 25.6 kg of nitrogen oxide and 186.6 kg of carbon monoxide are added to the Earth’s atmosphere.

What Exactly is Sustainable Transportation?

Sustainable transportation, also referred to as green transportation is all about commuting from one place to another by using a vehicle that has low impact on the environment such as a bicycle or electric car. It can also be a manner of commuting that has zero environmental impact like walking, or lesser impact like car sharing, car pooling or travelling via public transport.

Aside from helping reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that have been harming the planet, sustainable transportation can also lessen the levels of air pollution and traffic congestions. Moreover, green transportation promotes healthier lifestyle as it increases physical activity and ideally, encourage social interaction.

In some countries, reduced pollution not only means a serene and cleaner environment that allows for better driving experience. It also denotes not having to pay charges when passing through a congestion zone.

How Governments are Making Electric Vehicles Affordable as Sustainable Transportation

Although electric cars are more expensive than bicycles, governments of different countries are offering incentives and subsidies that enable their citizens to replace their gas-powered vehicles. In the UK, there’s a government agency under the Department of Transport called Office for Zero Emission Vehicles that pays out grants to help citizens shift to electric vehicle (EV) use and ownership.

In the US, the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill pushed by President Biden, includes provisions for tax credits and government subsidies to make EV ownership more affordable for Americans.

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