During a moving project, it is advisable to pack your belongings in the rules of the art to avoid the risk of breakage. Other elements can also be put in place to prevent the loss of your infused candles.

How to pack infused candles?

Depending on the size and weight of your candles, you’re not going to pack them all the same. Some will indeed need special tableware cardboard, others will only require bubble wrap.

To avoid the risk of breakage, you must prevent your objects from being filled with air. So, if you keep some empty candles for decoration, fill them with tissue paper or, failing that, with newspaper. Then wrap them in bubble wrap, or, again, newspaper if you don’t have the proper stuff. Use a box designed for “heavy” loads as well as boxes specially designed to move glasses safely. This will work well for your small infused candles.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from the professional in charge of your move. They will advise you and even provide you with the appropriate packaging.

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How to easily find your infused candles?

If you are afraid of losing your belongings, here is a very easy tip to put in place that should make your life easier. All you need is a marker and colored stickers.

The ideal is to pack your boxes piece by piece. Use special packaging for your candles. On each box, you will write roughly, with a marker “CANDLES” indicating the presence or not of high-end candles using a sign of your choice. Then stick a sticker on your cardboard.

How to protect your design candles contractually?

If you carry out your move alone, nothing will protect you against accidental breakage, loss, or even theft of your belongings. On the other hand, if you call on a mover, you will have to complete a declaration of value.

When you transport your belongings with a professional, he tells you the maximum value of the property he protects. If some of your goods exceed this value, which may be the case for infused and high-end candles, you must note this in a “declaration of value” accompanied by an estimate of the price of the object in question. In the event of loss, breakage, or theft due to professional negligence, you will be covered by insurance.