Industries involved in the supply chain know the importance of logistics, or the systematic management of data and resources in transporting goods according to customer needs. That is why every entity expected to transport goods from point to point employs a logistics coordinator. Every logistic coordinator participating in the supply chain network, takes on the responsibility of arranging time, space and resources to ensure that the goods in process of delivery will not lose value upon reaching each destination.

Job Expectations from a Logistic Coordinator

In becoming a logistics coordinator, you may start with an entry level position of performing specific tasks such as preparing routes, organizing your company’s purchase orders and shipment materials, arranging distribution to transport and storage providers. As a staff of the company’s logistics department, you may be tasked to collaborate with the personnel of various transport systems, including support personnel such as mechanics, technicians and maintenance workers, to ensure prompt pick up and delivery of shipment.

A logistics coordinator will also be in charge of monitoring the status, progress, costs incurred and productivity of the service providers involved in the shipment and delivery of goods to their respective destinations. The assignments of logistics coordinators typically include working with employees of a supply chain warehouse, specifically delivery drivers, inventory clerks and warehouse workers,

The 2021 report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the average median salary of an entry-level logistics coordinator is $77,000 per annum. Apparently, it’s one of the high-paying, desk jobs in the transportation industry whether by land, air or sea travel. A similar job posting for a logistics coordinator personnel may use the title Support Chain Coordinator.

Who Qualifies for a Logistics Coordinator Job?

First off, individuals with a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration with concentration of studies in Supply Chain or Logistics management are qualified to apply for a logistics coordinator entry level position. Having excellent organizational skills and a good working knowledge of using basic computer office applications, and enterprise resource planning programs (ERP) are definite advantages.

Yet if the job position posted is for a higher level logistics coordinator position, an applicant must also have proven experience not only in coordinating transport, delivery and storage of goods, but also in rendering effective customer service. Moreover, he or she must be able to perform work with little or no supervision at all, by having adequate knowledge of ISO requirements and relevant supply chain laws and regulations. The ability to multi-task or to supervise multiple logistics coordinators in the performance of their specific task is a plus factor.

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