It is everyday when we go to school or the office that we realize how bad the traffic situation is in our major roads. Traffic jam has always been a part of our daily life, and it is not something that came up recently either. Many countries have been dealing with severely congested roads since the 80’s, although back then, people could still imagine the situation being solved someday. At this point in time, however, traffic problems seem like they will be here to stay.

Nonetheless, no matter how impossible or dreadful our traffic problems appear to be right now, there is always a solution for them. The thing is that the authorities tend to think of other solutions that seem appealing at first but are actually not efficient and feasible.

For over two decades, people had to make huge adjustments in their daily schedule to account for the hours spent on the road due to traffic, but all these could actually be solved in a blink, if we are only careful in choosing our options to beat the traffic.

Come Up With A Transportation Solution That Will Actually Move People, NOT Vehicles

We often hear politicians or government officials promising to address the traffic situation in the country by starting fresh construction projects for new roads. Of course, this can be done anytime so that there will be more pathways for the vehicles to use, thus decongesting the ones that are usually filled with countless of cars. The number one reason why a certain road is always congested with vehicles is its proximity to vital establishments such as banks, hospitals, government offices, and yes, even malls. Building more roads that connect the people to these establishments can just be the solution. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

In the solution stated earlier, building new roads only takes into consideration the number of vehicles congesting the roads everyday. The keyword here is vehicles. In transportation, our aim is to get people to their desired destination at the shortest and most efficient way. We should not be worrying about getting vehicles to reach certain points in the city, but rather the people who riding in these vehicles.

Just imagine how much people are actually riding in one vehicle. If there is one person using his or her own vehicle to get to one place, then we have a bunch of these people using their own cars to hit the roads, expect that our traffic problems will be here to with us for a long time.

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