Would you like to be warm and cozy when camping in your car? Sleeping bags for couples are ideal. It is also perfect for parents with small children and for campers who are on tour all year round and want to be warm even in cold temperatures.

What are the advantages of sleeping bags for couples?

The double width of the sleeping bag allows you to move freely and sleep better than in a single sleeping bag, which encloses your body tightly and does not give you the opportunity to move freely. If you spend the night in a caravan or mobile home, double sleeping bags replace the duvets and ensure pleasant warmth.

sleeping bags for couples

Double sleeping bag with down or plastic filling?

Down sleeping bags stand out due to their good heat storage and pleasant sleeping comfort. Sleeping bags filled with down are also the best choice in terms of pack size and weight. They are feather-light and can be rolled up to a small size. However, if you are on tour in high humidity and in winter, down is only suitable to a limited extent due to its long drying time.

What should you watch out for with the upper material?

An important purchase criterion for double sleeping bags is based on the upper material. It must be robust and water-repellent, yet breathable and easy to clean. Light models are made of artificial silk or silk, as well as soft non-woven fabrics. If you choose a double sleeping bag with a cotton or linen surface, you have to expect a higher total weight.

Mixed materials are also not uncommon today, with the combination of cotton and polyester being the main focus. A high-quality outer shell of sleeping bags repels moisture and prevents you from sweating in the sleeping bag due to a warm, humid climate. Linen and cotton sleeping bags are not as good at keeping moisture out as rayon or polyester.

Pay attention to pack size and weight when transporting

High-quality double sleeping bags weigh between 2.5 and 3 kg. They can be rolled up to an amazingly small size of 43 x 33 cm and thus easily transported on the motorcycle when hitchhiking in a backpack or in the car. You will be amazed how small and flat a double sleeping bag can be rolled and pressed. Significantly wider models are available, but cost a much higher price and are custom-made by some manufacturers only to customer specifications.