Lawyers travel a lot regardless of their specialty. So whether you are a lawyer for family law (anwalt für familienrecht) or a lawyer for criminal justice, traveling is just as part of your profession as your neck and tie. In between travel, you would need something to keep you awake throughout your journey and prevent you from burning out. So here are streaming tips to help you in your best shape despite long hours of journey.

You can now easily stream your favorite series and movies outside the door, even when you are on vacation. That way you won’t miss any more live sports matches. On this page, we have collected some tips for you so that streaming on vacation goes smoothly. After all, you leave your fast WiFi network at home, so what now? Tablets are ideal for streaming on vacation. After all, they have a nice big screen but are still flat enough to put in any suitcase. Watching on a laptop or smartphone is of course also an option.

Wifi of the campsite

Just about every modern campsite has wifi. This service is included in the price of the camping pitch or guests pay a daily or weekly price. At most holiday parks you will receive a code with which you can access the web with a limited number of devices. Keep in mind that a decent bandwidth is required to stream TV broadcasts over the internet, especially in Full HD. Unfortunately, this leaves much to be desired at many holiday addresses due to the vast area. It also depends on whether your camping pitch has a favorable central location. But of course, you can always try.

Create WiFi hotspot

Is the WiFi coverage at the campsite substandard or do you not want to pay for it? You can create a WiFi hotspot with a smartphone in no time at all. The smartphone connects to the fast 4G or 5G network and radiates its own WiFi network. You can then stream broadcasts on the spacious screen of a tablet, laptop, or smart TV. Keep in mind that this appeals to the data bundle of your mobile phone subscription. Roughly take into account a data consumption of 1 GB per hour of watching TV. This option is therefore especially interesting for people with a broad/unlimited mobile internet subscription.

Wifi hotspot iPhone

Would you like to try such a mobile hotspot? On an iPhone, go to Settings and Personal Hotspot. Once you enable the Allow others to connect option, you can enter your own Wi-Fi password.


Wifi hotspot Android

If you have an Android device, you can also dive into the settings. The exact steps may vary by smartphone type. On most Android devices you will find the function via Settings, Wifi and network, Hotspot and tethering, after which you enter a network name and password. After activating the hotspot, other devices can connect to the new Wi-Fi network.

Buy a MiFi router

With a mi-fi router, you create a permanent WiFi network at the camping site. All you need is a SIM card with an active mobile internet subscription. A so-called data-only subscription with a provider comes in handy here. The MiFi router picks up the 4G or 5G signal and radiates a WiFi network. Some models have an Ethernet port, so you can connect a laptop or smart TV by wire, for example. Most MiFi routers work on an internal battery so that you can also achieve WiFi coverage in places without a power supply.

Stream it!

Once your internet connection at the camping site is working properly, you can stream television unobstructed. On mobile devices you use the app of your TV provider, for example, KPN Interactive TV or Ziggo GO. Furthermore, these online TV services are also accessible via a browser. Does your TV provider not support a mobile app or do you not have a subscription? The NPO app gives you free access to the NPO channels and various theme channels. A subscription to NLZiet is also a price-friendly option. That costs 7.95 euros per month and it is useful both at home and at the campsite. Through this service, you can watch 34 Dutch channels online, while you can watch TV programs again for a year. There are also plenty of streaming services that work separately from a TV subscription. Think Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and many others. There is always something to look at, which is certainly a godsend during – especially holidays in the interior. You don’t have to get bored on rainy days!