Twitch is a live streaming platform where gamers live broadcast their video game gameplays and where esports competitions are streamed live as well. While Twitch focuses on gamers and video games, the platform has now also opened its doors to music, creative contents, and “in real life” broadcasts. However, regardless of which category you belong to, it is important for you to have views and followers for your content to get noticed, which may increase your views and followers even more.

With over 3 million monthly streamers or broadcasters on Twitch, getting views and followers may be a challenge especially when you are still starting your channel. Similar to other media platform, the more views and followers you have, the wider your organic reach will be. This in turn grows your chances of getting more organic views and followers as well as the potential to earn money.

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On Driving And Live Streaming

As the live streaming platform is becoming widespread and is continuously growing in popularity, increasingly more people are using the platform to share their content. But, there is no doubt that the reason why many use the streaming platform is to find fortune and fame. Because of this, there are those who become irresponsible and heedless of the way they stream where some are taking great risks by live streaming or recording themselves while driving.

Phone use in the vehicle is only allowed when it is mounted or cradled in a phone holder allowing you to make or receive calls hands-free, or if you are using it for navigation purposes without operating your phone while driving. There is no law stating that streaming while driving is illegal, so technically you can stream provided that your phone is attached to a cradle where you don’t need to hold your phone. However, streaming while driving can be distracting so it is still best to avoid this.

Distracted driving because of phone use is one of the leading reasons why a lot of motorists get into an accident. Streaming while driving is a form of distraction so avoid this at all cost as this is extremely dangerous. You not only situate yourself in dangerous position, but other road users too. So, it is imperative that you be responsible not only with the use of the live streaming platform but with your phone use as well.