Digital Billboards


Of all Dutch people who commute every day, 45.6% of them say they remember the highway advertising they encounter during their commute. This is according to new research by data company GWI. Highway advertising includes billboards and digital ads similar to a digital photo frame from along the road, such as an IKEA or Mcdonald’s advertising pole.

Roadside advertising

So it seems that ‘ostentatious’ advertising along the way is still hitting a lot of money. The outdoor advertising industry has now recovered considerably from the corona dip, which sometimes left operators with unsold surfaces. Meanwhile, the situation has reversed: most operators are sold out and highway advertising costs are skyrocketing.

Highway advertising masts

The research shows that, not surprisingly, highway advertising masts are the most memorable format. In addition, there appears to be a considerable cross-channel impact, because in the fourth quarter of 2021, 16.4% of internet users said that they discovered new products or services most through advertisements on billboards.

Bus advertising and tram advertising also recover

The above percentage is above the level reported in 2020 and in line with the level before the corona pandemic. Bus advertising and tram advertising seem to see a similar recovery, 14.3% even say that they ‘use’ outdoor advertising to discover new products or services.

‘Advertising along the road most memorable’

The GWI data also showed that roadside advertising is the most memorable outdoor advertising form, and when we look at the results of our customers, we can only confirm this. 45.6% of commuters say they remember advertising that was seen during the last commute.


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Advertise on a bus

Advertising on a bus, bus station, or tram stop comes in second place. This is closely followed by billboards and placards at street level (for example, a wild plaque) and at specific locations such as shopping malls or airports.

Local outdoor advertising

The data company suspects that local outdoor advertising may be working better than expected at the moment because commuting has become slightly less prominent. Advertisements around local parks and gyms may therefore be more suitable to reach home workers from the Generation Z target group, than a billboard in a meadow.

Media investments around real life

WARC recently published a report that showed that media investments ‘around real life’ in particular are recovering to pre-corona levels. In areas such as transport, recreation, retail, and work, the chance of eye contact remains somewhat more limited, so advertisers are now mainly looking for places where they do reach their target groups.

Digital outdoor advertising

Digital outdoor advertising is currently leading OOH growth, with eye-catching billboards and special messages that are effective at capturing consumer attention. Innovative and creative marketing strategies can help attract a younger audience.