Don’t you dare to drive yourself in the chaotic traffic? Or is it just not worth renting a car for a city trip? Even then you have to get from the airport to your accommodation safely, often by taxi. Fortunately, you can bring your own travel child seat. You can visit Velgenklere for tested child seats you can take with you on your travels.

Travel child seat URBAN KANGA: The best solution for children from 9-18 kg

The Urban Kanga is like a minimal version of your normal child seat. The child is attached directly to the seat and the seat is fastened with a 3-point belt. The seat weighs only 3kg and you can fold it up and hang it on your stroller when you are out and about. The child seat allows you to simply attach it to a taxi real quick.

Travel child seat HIFOLD: The best solution for children from 15-36 kg

We have waited a long time for this. With the hifold, there is now finally a travel child seat solution that is not just a booster seat. It also has side and back protection. The hifold seemed like a small miracle to me, because it is like a slimmed-down normal child seat that you can completely fold up. It weighs around 4.6 kg , you can simply hang it over your shoulder and take it with you in your hand luggage.

The hifold is approved from 15kg for children from approx. 4 years. Just like other seats in Group II / III, I would only use it regardless of this information if your child really remains seated in the seat. Even if it is only fastened with the seat belt of the car and no longer directly in the child seat. As your child gets older, it grows with you, because you can adjust the width, height and head area completely flexibly. Awesome for me.

Child in the Hifold travel seat

It is the only travel seat that has been tested by the ADAC so far . Andreas Ratzek, project manager of the ADAC child seat test, was pleased that the foldable seat passed the test. However, the ADAC test grade was only satisfactory. This is understandable, because although the Hifold is designed as an everyday and travel seat , it is of course not as thick and firmly padded as a large, chunky seat.

For parents who are looking for a child seat that is suitable for travel, the hifold could be the best solution for older children at the moment.

Travel child seat MIFOLD (15-36 kg): The emergency solution for the handbag

The mifold Grab-and-Go is a collapsible child seat that fits in your handbag. The principle is similar to that of a booster seat, but instead of sitting the child higher, the mifold does the opposite. He pulls the shoulder strap down. It can be attached to a three-point belt and, like a simple booster seat, is approved according to EU standards.

The cool thing about the Mifold is that it actually fits in a handbag without any problems.

CONCLUSION: The best solution for child seats on vacation. Choose the option of renting a car and take with you your own child seat when going on vacation.