In the past couple of months, the pandemic have been making a huge impact in our daily lives. Millions of people got infected and the virus is continuously infecting a substantial amount of the world’s population.

We often hear from the news that we must stay at home as possible. On the other hand, this is not the case for people who  need to go to work every day. Individuals, espcially those who use public tranportation are at high risk in acquiring the virus. That being said, they must exert extra effort in practicing good hygiene, minimizing exposure to people who are sick, to name a few. Whether you are going your company owned office or a workspace in Miami via public transportation, this article is for you.

Make Sure to Consider Your Risk Tolerance

This is very important. While your company requires you to go to work, you should make sure you have high tolerance at risk because you will be exposed every day to various factors that may cause you to get the virus.

In the event you have low tolerance, it would be best to ask if you can work from home instead.

Restriction Interaction to People Who are Sick

Even if you think that your co-worker or someone you know only has allergy or cough, limit your exposure because you will never know if he/she got the virus unless the conduct a test.

When traveling to work, always maintain proper distance. Even if you see someone you know, it would be best to not talk for a long time.

Always practice good hygiene

Even when you are traveling, it is important to practice good hygiene as this will lower the chance of you contracting the virus.

As what most health experts sya, regularly washing your hands is the most essential control measure. Several health experts also say that travelers must always have a hand sanitizer or alcohol with them. In addition to that, they must also wash their hands for 20 seconds after getting off of a public transportation.