Together with vitality, freedom might well be the origin of human improvement. Additional to this is that the maturation of the has taken an extremely intriguing and lively route: what’s the future of air travel? Could public transportation resolve the congestion issue? And how do we look at our cities in a sustainable and attractive manner?

Additionally, there are lots of intriguing YouTube channel on such subjects offering a plethora of information on a vast assortment of topics. Train drivers, plane spotters, urban planners, auto enthusiasts, and anybody thinking about tomorrow’s world can locate these five freedom stations a superb method to watch or even download (using Ymp4.download) their videos.

Fully Charged

You will find, after all, sufficient tv programs and vehicle magazines, however, the British station is about electric cars. And this does not just stop with automobiles; bikes, skateboards, and infrastructure to pass by.

The demonstration is at the hands of their British broadcasters Robert Llewellyn and Jonny Smith, two based names that have years of expertise and a sleek presenting style together with the essential lightheartedness and humor. Videos provide previews, reviews, and cope with much more than just automobiles. Additionally, renewable energy and improvements in the region of batteries particularly are explained in simple language.

City Beautiful

The impassioned American Dave Amos is an urban planner that likes to look ahead and believe in large terms. Usually, we do not actually consider it, however, the design of our towns has an amazing influence on the way society operates.

Amos describes on his City Beautiful station the way to make a gorgeous shopping mall or secure residential area, just the way the setting of asphalt could make and break a town, and also exactly what role public transportation can play all this. Not just the infrastructure, but also the implications for its occupants, are discussed in detail. Are you currently a large fan of this Simcity simulator sport, or are you currently playing with Cities at this time? Skylines? This is a great station for you.


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Wendover Productions

Wendover Productions is about what on earth, in the sea in the atmosphere, and in space. This British station is particularly enjoyable for audiences who adore the entire expanse. British founder Sam combines this with a few courses online persuasive, macroeconomics, social history, and geography. All of these are ingredients that will enable you to understand the area of now and the near future, and most of this within appealing motion image presentations that are every 10 to 15 seconds.

What’s a study center in Antarctica provided? What does climate change mean for transport routes and flight routes? And can China construct high-speed rail lines quickly and economically while a very easy metro from the Netherlands requires years?


When you consider invention within the area of freedom, for most people the title Tesla shortly springs to mind. Also within the discipline of video and marketing — that they have everything in check. Obviously, this station is principally an advertising stage in the place where they present their vehicles, solar cells, and batteries as good a light as you can.

Elon Musk’s business includes a loyal fan base that at any given moment doesn’t wish to lose out on a single upgrade. Which are the most recent developments within the discipline of AI drivers and just how can they guarantee that puppies left at the car don’t perish from the heat during warm summer months? Tesla shows this and even more in an apt manner with videos that typically last less than a couple of minutes.

CPG Grey

CPG Grey clarifies things as he could; this YouTube channel has become the source of inspiration for several instructional filmmakers. CPG Grey’s movies might actually fit into almost any compilation since he’s so flexible.

Even so, this Brit can be keenly interested in traffic and infrastructure. Matters that at first glance look straightforward or self-evident are usually not that whatsoever. And that is precisely what he would like you to understand. The filmmaker actually makes sure you won’t get lost within this tidal wave of insignificant facts. How can you resolve the congestion issue? What’s the most effective way for riders to have a seat on a plane? He’s got an extensive reply to this and also to a lot more questions which you did not even know that you had.