It is definitely the worst part of travelling when you are unexpectedly stuck for hours at the airport for a quite long layover. I mean, travellers usually anticipate this coming especially with connecting flights, however, when it actually happens most of them either get a really bad headache or a bad temper.

Now, it is no wonder why you are having a long poker face as you wait in the airport aisle, or thank Heavens for airport cafes that you were able to get your coffee fix just to get everything smooth. As we are travellers as well, we clearly understand this inconvenience that is why we’re here to help you with a few tips!

Grab a Book or Bring One

Layovers are expected that is why it is better to back you up with things that will keep you entertained the whole layover time. You can either buy a book from the airport bookstore or bring one. If you are going to a foreign country, the best idea is to get a book that’s clearly about the place to keep you distracted from layover stress.

Write on Your Journal

Don’t forget your pen, your organizer and your journal. You can also take the time to write down your plans for your trip, like planning your outfits, meals, or places to go to.

Get a Coffee

Like I said, thank Heavens for coffee shops- at the airport. It would be a bonus if you’re favourite coffee shop is there too. Get that white coffee mocha fix and make sure you get the large cup size to make up the time waiting for your next flight.