Travelling indeed is one of the best things we do every once in a while. Going to different places, meet new people, learn languages and see beautiful sights. Or simply just wander what the world has to offer.

However, part of travelling is the long-hour flight. 15 hour to 20 hour? That is definitely ridiculously boring and could also cause Jet lag. Especially if you are travelling from different time zones. That is why today, I am going to tell you a few tips on how you can survive long hour flights to make sure that you still get to enjoy this particular part of your travel.

Choose the Best Seat

For long hour flights, the first thing you needed to do is to choose the best seat that could give you both comfort and convenience. If you are on a short budget for a business class seat, then you can just get an economy seat that is near the windows. Just so you can also be entertained with sight seeing on the calm skies.

Prepare Your Body

It is best that the day before your flight, you need to engage in exercises and well a really good time the gym just to ensure that your body will cope up with the long sitting hour at the plane. Make sure you are well rested too. Denying your body the sleep it needs before your flight might get you too exhausted and anxious during your long hour flight.

Bring Books

Not just books, but anything that would entertain you in the whole flight. If you wanted to bring your laptop, then it should also be a good time to do a few work. Or you can watch amazing korean drama videos, so make sure you are downloading them before you go.