towing industryRoadside assistance and towing san jose motorists consider as vital services of the transportation industry is demonstrated by the growth of the towing sector. As a matter of fact, statistics show that through the years, the towing and recovery industry has consistently and significantly contributed to the nation’s economic progress.

However, statistical reports also show that the motor vehicle towing sector also exhibited a higher percentage of work-related injuries and fatalities than other industries. As many as 191 deaths were reported between the years 2011 and 2016 alone, of which the major causes were due to motor vehicle accidents, overexertion, bodily reaction or wrongful contact with an industry equipment.

Based on the high rates of death and injury revealed by statistical reports, it is quite evident that the towing industry is in need of additional measures that will reduce the risks faced by tow truck operators and drivers when carrying out their respective work. Implementing proactive steps of improving safety protocols, enhancing training programs and providing better tools and safety equipment.

Analysis of the figures presented by statistical reports indicate that the towing sector of the transportation industry has potential to have increased non-fatal injury incidents by twofold. Even worse is that the fatality rate has a tendency to increase by 15 times than what has been previously reported.

Use of Appropriate Type of Tow Truck in Carrying Out a Tow Job

methods of transporting vehiclesAccording to industry experts the best method of towing is by using the appropriate type of towing truck when performing tow jobs. It’s important therefore that towing company managers and dispatchers are knowledgeable not only about different types of tow trucks; but also of the emergency situation or recovery condition of vehicles needing roadside assistance. The following provides a quick look at the types of towing equipment used by tow service providers:

</4>Flatbed Method

Deemed as the safest method of towing motor vehicles because the flatbed trailer attached to the tow truck allows all four wheels to stay secure off the ground. Yet flatbed towing is ideal for transporting vehicles over long distances. Flatbed towing for short distance travel is often ideal if transporting a badly damaged or non-functioning automobile to an appropriate location while pending investigations.

Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing services are generally used in towing lighter vehicles illegally parked in residential areas, private parking lots and other no-parking spots in busy urban areas. It involves the use of a hookup process, which enables tow trucks to operate with more maneuverability in order to quickly free up spaces as means of easing down heavy road traffic.

Heavy-Duty Tow Trucks

Heavy-duty tow trucks also known as Integrated tow trucks, are obviously for the purpose of towing larger and heavier vehicles. Outfitted with a winch system and an industrial boom, heavy-duty tow trucks can lift and tow construction equipment, buses, large trucks, and construction equipment.