Canada is a wonderful place to visit. In fact, there are many people who have considered working and live in Canada because of the work-life balance and the balance of people and nature. If you are eyeing to visit for a prolonged stay you ought to know what Canada visa application you should be applying for. You can find the information you need here.

For many who are wondering what mode of transportation there is in Canada, we have listed some useful information sourced from Keep Exploring Canada website.


Getting to Canada by plane is easy. There are numerous direct flights from Germany to the larger Canadian cities, but many other Canadian regions can also be reached with just one or two stops.


Reaching Canada by means of a plane is not hard. There are many direct flights to major Canadian cities, however, you can connect with various other Canadian areas in only a couple of stops. You will find at least 100 international airports in Canada and terrific direct flights to nearby countries like the United Staes and even Germany.


Canadians take pleasure in traveling on never-ending roads via the great scenery. Travel by motorbike, car, or mobile home is an excellent way to check out the countryside.

If you are from major countries like Germany and the United States, your driver’s license is valid. So there’s no need to apply for an international driver’s license.

  • When in Canada, motorists should always have the essential insurance papers.
  • For rented cars or mobile homes, you should always have the rental contract handy. If in case you need to cross the border at the time of your trip, that should be stated in your itinerary or inform the rental company beforehand.
  • You can find a vast listing of rental companies available in Canada in airports and major cities. Contact the car rental company before landing in Canada.
  • Don’t forget to use that seat belt. Canadian authorities are very strict about this. Kids below 18 kgs in weight should use a child seat.


You could travel across Canada via train like the famous nostalgic wagon. Note that almost all key cities in Canada are linked via train (VIA Rail). So if you want a more classic and relaxing way to go around Canada, you could always choose to travel by train.


Traveling by bus in Canada is the cheapest and the most convenient way to get around the city or to go from city to city. The bus route system of Canada even extends across the country.

Prior to booking a flight to Canada, you will need to state your purpose to visit the country. So visit the Canadian Embassy in your area to get more information for your travel – from visa application, booking a ticket, and accommodation.