Going or transporting to a hospital facilities or mental health service providers is also a special need of people suffering from mental illness. The choice of transport vehicles that must be used should be suitable to their conditions and consider the minimum limited option. For emergency purposes, the applicable transport vehicle to use is the ambulance where charges, if imposed can be added to medical bills. Thus, payments can be made through medical billers like https://epsychbilling.com.

On the other hand, other options may be based on the support level needed by the patient. However, there are some cases that mentally ill person is transported through a private car in a safe manner. In addition, other mode of transportation also includes vehicle provided by the mental health services or transport vehicle of non-emergency patient. Yet, in an instance that those vehicles are not safe for use, ambulance from the local government may be provided for transport.

Mental Health Transport Options

The need for a transport vehicle to transport patient to a mental health service requires some assessment. And the type of transport to be provided for them should depend on the following evaluation:

  • The state of the mental and physical aspect
  • Treatment needs to avoid serious destruction to the physical and mental health status
  • Effect of the mode of transport to the person
  • Availability of the selection of modes of transport
  • The distance of the location
  • The person’s own preference and/or their family’s choice

The usual process of arranging transport vehicle to mental health service is done by a healthcare professional through communicating with the receiving service and have an arrangements for the person to be received.

Emergency ambulance

Generally, this is the most appropriate choice of transport most of the time. The time of the response for communicating with the ambulance vary depending on the clinical needs of the person and its availability.

Mental health transport vehicle with clinical personnel

In most cases, mental health providers are allowed to access their service vehicle and can also able to transport people to any mental health service. In case strict monitoring is not required and there is no potential risk for the safety of both the person and practitioner, lesser restriction of vehicle may be provided.

Private vehicle

Good thing for using a private vehicle driven by a relative or friend is that it provides the person a more personal support and familiarity with the transport mode.


This transport mode is generally appropriate for those who are in need to immediately travel to or from a mental health service. So, people with mental illness can hire a taxi for transportation needs.

Police transport

In the event that the means of transport cannot able to transport the person safely, police transport should be considered.