There are probably countless benefits to ridesharing and some are pretty obvious than others. If you’re unsure whether ridesharing is for you or not, then read the following lines…

It Saves Money!

Simply speaking, when you are ridesharing, you are driving less and saving more. The savings you make can come from the reduced maintenance of your car like changing the air filter, less frequent oil change, save money on gas. Besides, several insurance companies are offering carpoolers lower rates for car insurance.

As a matter of fact, according to American Automobile Association or the AAA, they’ve estimated that an average driver spends over 56.6 cents per mile on doing their car’s maintenance, license, depreciation, taxes, finance charges, registration and insurance for every 15,000 miles.

Carpooling Improves Air Quality

Light trucks and cars are deemed to be the biggest contributors of impacting air quality in United States as per EPA estimates. Passenger cars as well as light trucks contribute a total of 22% of hydrogen emissions which is 50% of the country’s carbon monoxide emissions. Then again, 32% of overall nitrogen oxide emissions as well as 18% of greenhouse gas emissions nationwide.

The ground level ozone is also produced when the hydrocarbons are reacting with nitrogen oxides in presence of sunlight under a sustained elevated temperature. Basically, the ground level ozone is a primary component of photochemical smog that is contributing to various respiratory problems similar to coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing.

On the other hand, sustained exposure to high ozone levels may eventually result to permanent lung damage. Elders, young children and also those who have preexisting respiratory ailments are more vulnerable to respiratory effects of ozone exposure.

Conserving Non-Renewable Resources

As per the Department of Energy, it is estimated that 70% of oil used in United States is used by transportation sector. Roughly 44% was consumed by light trucks and passenger cars. With more car models eating more gas per mileage, Americans and the general public are opting for more fuel-efficient vehicles for the past few years. With carpooling, this problem is easily dealt with as fewer cars have to be driven on road.

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