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Road Transport Administration Department

(1)     In the late 18th Century, the outbreak of Industrial Revolution started in Europe and there brought about several innovations in industrial sector. As a result, the agro- based society rapidly changed into industrial-based society.

(2)     Nobody can deny that transportation plays a vital role in socio-economic advancement. People are desirous for good flow of goods and also themselves. People could have been created  jet-engines, automobiles, and so many materials ,thanks to the development of  industrial sector.

(3)     In 1900’s , vehicles started getting into Myanmar and since then motorization in the big cities of Myanmar became more and more increasing. So, it was the time of necessary to register vehicles entering into Myanmar as the nationwide action. After 1962, Revolutionary Council of Myanmar had taken the responsibility of the State. The meeting of the cabinet of Revolutionary Government of Union of Myanmar which was held on 10 April 1962 decided to make National Transportation Plan for developing systematic transportation in Myanmar. According to the decision made by the Cabinet, on 1 September 1963, ‘Road and Inland Water Transport Authority’ was established and that Authority had been cooperating in road and inland water transportation and giving guidance where necessary.

(4)     The function of motor vehicle registration and issuing driving licence was handed over from Myanmar Police force to Road and Inland Water Transport Authority on 7 December 1964. In 1972, Road and Inland Water Transport Authority was renamed Road Transport Administration Department and was included one of the department under Ministry of Transport and Communication.

(5)     On 18 September 1988, State Law and Order Restoration Council reformed governmental institutions aiming at further development in the future. In January 1992, Ministry of Transport and Communication was reformed into three Ministries, namely, Ministry of Communication, Posts and Telegraph, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Rail Transportation. Road Transport Administration Department became one of the departments under the Ministry of Rail Transportation.

(6)     The Institutional Organization of Road Transport Administration Department was formed step by step mentioned as follows:

(a) In 1972, the department  was formed as grade (3 ) organization which comprised of 52 officials, and 613 staff  ,  totally 665.

(b) In 1983, it was upgraded to grade (2) and the strength of staff members was also increased as 126 officials, and 1382 staff , totally 1508.

(c) In 1995, the department was improved to grade (1) organization  which was focused on the effective and efficient administrative system.So, the strength of staff members was more in management level. The number of officials was (130) and staff was 1195.

(d) In 2005, Ministry of Rail Transportation had tried to balance the increasing motor vehicles with the number of staff. Referring to No-1/117/(RTA)/ 2005 (1342), the strength becomes 153 officials, and 1384 staffs, totally 1537at present.

Road Transport Administration Department Head Quarter, State; Division, District Branches (2011)


Head Quarter
2. Nay Pyi Taw Branch Office 1
State/Division Office
Divisional Branch Office
5. Associate State Office 2
State Branch Office
7. District Office